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Acumatica Construction Edition: The leading cloud-based solution designed specifically for the construction industry.

With our comprehensive suite of construction management tools, you can streamline your projects, improve financial control, and enhance collaboration within your organization. Explore the key features and benefits of Acumatica Construction Edition and take a step towards optimizing your construction operations. Contractors, home builders, land developers, and subcontractors can all benefit from Acumatica for Construction’s business management features.

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Key Features

Advanced Project Management:

Effortlessly manage your construction projects from start to finish.


Track tasks, milestones, and deadlines, allocate resources, and monitor progress with ease. Acumatica Construction Edition offers real-time visibility into project status, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure project success.

Financial Control and Accounting:

Gain complete control over your financials with robust accounting features tailored to the construction industry.


Track project costs, manage budgets, handle change orders, and streamline billing processes. Acumatica Construction Edition empowers you to make accurate financial decisions, improving profitability and cash flow.


Document Management and Collaboration:

Simplify document management and enhance collaboration across teams, contractors, and clients.


Store and share project-related documents securely in the cloud, ensuring easy access and version control. Collaborate in real-time, streamline communication, and accelerate decision-making.

Subcontractor Management:

Effectively manage subcontractors and streamline your subcontracting processes.


Acumatica Construction Edition enables you to track subcontractor performance, monitor compliance, and automate payment processes. Enhance subcontractor relationships and ensure project timelines are met.

Mobile Access and Remote Connectivity:

Stay connected to your construction projects wherever you are.


Acumatica Construction Edition offers mobile accessibility, allowing you to access critical project information, review documents, and make informed decisions on the go. Collaborate with your team and stakeholders, even when working remotely.

Why Choose Acumatica Construction Edition

Tailored for the Construction Industry:

Acumatica Construction Edition is purpose-built to address the unique challenges faced by construction companies, providing industry-specific functionality and workflows.

Scalable and Flexible:

Whether you’re a small construction firm or a large enterprise, Acumatica Construction Edition scales to your needs. Its flexible architecture allows for customization and integration with other business systems.

Cloud-Based and Secure:

Embrace the power of the cloud with Acumatica’s secure and reliable infrastructure. Access your data anytime, anywhere, without worrying about hardware maintenance or data loss. Benefit from regular updates and enhanced security measures.

Seamless Integration:

Acumatica Construction Edition seamlessly integrates with other popular construction software, such as estimating, scheduling, and CRM tools. Streamline your operations by connecting your existing systems and ensuring data consistency.

Six Ways Contractors Grow with Acumatica

Six Ways Contractors Grow with Acumatica

Construction Compliance with Acumatica

Construction Compliance with Acumatica

Construction Job Costing with Acumatica

Construction Job Costing with Acumatica

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