It’s Time to Evolve
your business.

Get the clarity you need to run your growing business

We are an Acumatica Partner

We’ll help you truly align your people, process, and technology

Make better business decisions without burning out your team

At PriceKubecka, we know that as your business grows and becomes more complex, your team needs better clarity on real-time data to make better business decisions.

And in an increasingly competitive labor market, you want to keep your valuable people doing important work, not just paperwork.

Does this sound familiar?

“We have too many manual processes.”

“Our workflows are disconnected, data is everywhere.”

“Everyone is stressed and working too hard to keep up.”

When your business was small, everyone was in the same room. Information was real-time. Decisions got made.

As your company grows, it’s not uncommon to be on different floors, in different cities, or out in the field. Without easy access to critical information on costs, workflows, and changes, how can you manage time critical decisions that make the difference between making or losing money on a project?

Large Office with a few workers

Make better decisions with real-time reporting

Know where you’re profitable and where you’re not

Operate confidently in your office or onsite

Construction Scalability

We’re PriceKubecka.

We’re experts on accounting process, optimization, and business process automation and proud to be an Acumatica Partner. Let’s talk about evolving how you manage information and getting your company on a path to driving consistently better results.